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Since working with Jess, I’ve had consistent $30K+ weeks! Jess is the best in the business - deeply loving, strategic and powerful! She’s the real deal!
We are all so busy being “busy” and doing all the things, that we sometimes forget to check in and ask if this is what we really want. Jessica has got me back on track and I’m so glad that she has! I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me and my business.
— Mia De Vries // OWNER - The Fox And The Hair

OMG I still pinch myself when I think back to the massive changes I have made and how easy it was. Why didn’t I do it sooner?

When I think about my business life before Jess, it was a struggle. Constantly reacting to events and problems. I was avoiding issues because they all seemed too overwhelming. I got really sick and the stress was all too much.

And now since working with Jess we are being proactive in our approach. Our business is growing faster than I imagined possible and we understand and are in control of our finances. Even my staff are loving the changes. I’m so excited about what’s unfolding!

I can’t believe I waited a year to do this - it amazes me how easily this transformation has happened!

Love your work Jess and I highly recommend learning all you can from her! She’s is an absolute star! I pinch myself every day - this stuff actually works!
— Trudy Petith // Owner - About Face Hair + Make-up + Skin Spa

Jess if I hadn’t worked with you I would still be in the “FUCK FUCK FUCK” brain thinking. But now it’s like “FUCK YEAH!” that’s gonna be paid tomorrow 2 weeks BEFORE it’s due date! Wouldn’t be where I am today without you Jess!
— Jaimi McManis // OWNER - Studio J & Co
The Money Mastery Academy has been life changing, since joining I have manifested life changing experiences with such ease and joy.

Partnering with Jess and through her work my business and life have raised to a completely new level! I have learned so much about myself and
released so many layers that were no longer
serving me.

I have been following the teachings and gaining amazing results from doing so.
— Genine Hill // OWNER - North West Bowen

Since working with Jess I have launched my own salon coaching business, my goal was for 5 coaching clients before my wedding in April. I have grown my client base to 13 clients, I am completely off the floor of my salon and am earning so much money it’s ridiculous!

I am so on top of everything, money is allocated for taxes, new salon, savings and I have little pockets of money everywhere, something I never thought I would have!

I had no idea how much my money story was affecting me, I have released this and now feel positive and excited about money.

If you haven’t signed up with Jess I highly, highly recommend you do. It’s incredible what one empowering and amazing woman can teach you. It will be the best thing you can do for your money, your life and business. Jess, keep doing your thing, you’re amazing!

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