Break FREE from your Limiting Beliefs!

Master Your Money & Create Real Wealth

Heal your relationship with money,
prime your mind for abundance,
create Queenly money management systems,
& create your financially free life!

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it's time to make a change.



Do you...

Feel as though you just can’t get your money game together? Despite your best efforts debt is mounting, money goes out faster than it comes in and there never seems to be anything left over.

The harder you work and more you want it, the further it gets driven away!

If you're still reading this, i know you feel as though you are doing all the right things but there is still a block between you & financial freedom!
Are you-Watermelon.png
  • Frustrated THAT as the money inflow increases as does the outflow and you find yourself back in the same position?

  • Have too many scattered pieces to bring together into a powerful plan

  • Desire a solid foolproof money mastery plan to embrace, lean on and implement?

  • Can’t quite put your finger on why it doesn’t seem to work for you?

  • Feel as though you are on the cusp of ‘cracking the money code’ but can’t quite get there?

  • Worried for the impact it has on your health. Constant worry, unease, uncertainty, judging, shaming – the list goes on!

  • Fear the impact this low energy and vibration is having on your business, repelling clients and money!

  • Feel certain that you could own your desires knowing they are coming to you!

  • Wish things were different, like you could rely on money, know without a shadow of doubt that money will always be there in increasing amounts.

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Even as a qualified accountant it wasn't my ticket to money mastery as I hoped it would be!

I just couldn’t seem to gain any traction, credit cards were mounting, my bank account was dwindling as was my confidence and faith in creating the successful business I SO desired!

It wasn’t until I changed my internal programming with money, implemented simple yet powerful money management systems and embraced the art of manifesting that I have FINALLY been able to create the kind of lifestyle, income and impact I truly desire.


a thriving Money Mastery coaching business, am flown around Australia to speak and present, 23k months, and $7,500 weekends with a passive income product are now my new normal.


Here is what I want you to know
about my success and transformation...

Nothing special about me-wartermelon.png

I am no smarter now than I was then, I have no fancier tools or techniques.


What I did learn though was a very specific way to tap into and connect with my inner knowing, truth and manifesting ability, and I desire the same for you also!


I learned more about who I was, what brought me to where I was, how to make peace with it and release it so I could truly design my life, business and success on my terms, and boy am I glad I did!

If you’re feeling like you’re the only one who can’t nail this money piece and only seem to manifest more unexpected bills, rest assured there is SO much more meant for you!
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Once you quieten
the ego & fear

Allow your desires to come to life and implement a proven approach to mastering your money game, inside and out, you will become a money and manifesting magnet and enjoy the life of freedom, ease, joy, luxury and abundance you dream of.

Hi, I'm JessicaG-watermelon.png

It is my privilege and honour to partner with fabulous women such as yourself through my group coaching program – Money Mastery Academy.

As an Accountant and Money Mastery Coach you can rest assured that your money mastery journey is in safe and secure hands, from every angle!

Money Mastery is a beautiful blend and fusion of the spiritual and practical, I have your back across all areas!

I have had clients share with me benefits (besides manifesting and managing incredible wealth and abundance) of improved posture, enhanced intimate relationships, healed relationships with parents and friends, weight loss and enhanced body love!

Not bad for a money coaching program!

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It's all about-watermelon.png

the woman you become on this journey,

and money is a

beautiful tool to facilitate that change and transformation.





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➤ Have the space and support to delve deeply into your money blueprint and uncover what has shaped the money beliefs you hold today, many you aren’t yet even aware of!

086-shapes copy-wtermelon.png

➤ Rewrite, redefine, recreate your money blueprint to one of ease, luxury, joy, wealth and abundance

2.price-tag-4 copy-watermelon.png

➤ Transform the way you feel, respond to and interact with money

2.price-tag-4 copy-watermelon.png

➤ Unlock your complete financial transformation, inside and out – brains and bank account!

piggy-bank-1 copy-watermelon.png

➤ Finally claim your desires and life you know you are meant for!

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➤ Create money loving systems and structures to faultlessly and effortlessly manage your money, thus attracting more to you!

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➤ Learn how to manifest money, love, abundance and anything you desire, anywhere, anytime – on tap in a way that feels amazing!

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➤ Create wealth and passive income on autopilot

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➤ Increase your self worth to attract dream clients and students into your programs, products and packages

piggy-bank-1 copy-watermelon.png

➤ Bring your desires to life in total alignment, no sacrifice, judgement or self deprivation

086-shapes copy-wtermelon.png

➤ Create money rules to support the life you desire to live

2.price-tag-4 copy-watermelon.png

➤ Finally feel connected, confident, guided, supported and excited by money in your life!

2.price-tag-4 copy-watermelon.png

➤ Implement comprehensive, yet fun and elegant modules laying out your money and mindset mastery plan for you!

piggy-bank-1 copy-watermelon.png

➤ Wake up each day deeply knowing you are creating and attracting money into your life that is managed beautifully and growing!

086-shapes copy-wtermelon.png

➤ Fall in love with money, and have money love you and flock to you!

NOTHING CHANGES-watermelon.png
It is that simple and painful all at once.

What we’ll be Exploring in your 12 week

path to financial freedom

Each week has a specific focus on one of the key areas of my unique Chic Money Mastery philosophy.

I have your back across all areas that are integral to your Money Mastery journey to becoming the financially fabulous, powerful woman you are!



Your Financially Fabulous Foundation



Module One– Map out Your Financially Free Goals and Desires

One of the biggest things that I see holding women back from creating wealth and prosperity is simply not knowing what is meant for them, and what they truly desire beneath the fear.

In this module you will connect with your inner truth, create your financially free vision, goals and desires.

You will have a crystal clear vision of what this looks like and your plan for bringing it to life.




Module Two – Your Money Making Magic Formula

In this module I will introduce you to my money making formula that will see your bank account growing instantly!

I will lay out for you the most powerful manifesting tools and rituals that I use across all areas of my life to manifest and receive everything I desire.

At the end of this module you will have your very own magic formula for magnetising all that you desire to you!



Clear the Decks / Money Mindset Makeover



Module Three – Heal Your Money Story

Did you know that we all have unhealthy money beliefs, programming, conditioning and thoughts that are affecting the reality we experience today?

In this module I will guide you as you uncover your hidden limiting money beliefs (hint: often you don’t even know you have them!) and identify how and where they are affecting you in your business and life.

Once you uncover, heal and release these beliefs you will be able to effortlessly attract the money you crave.



money rules rewritten

Module Four – Money Rules Rewritten

In this module you will rewrite those conscious and unconscious money rules that are holding you back, keeping you broke, stuck and in debt.

Rewriting your money rules will enable you to make (and keep) more money and finally create the financially free future you truly desire and are meant for.

These new money rules will form your financially fabulous foundation that will serve you every day and finally enable you to feel free and excited by the area of money!



Queenly Money Management



Module Five– Boss Babe Bank Accounts

Time to let you in on my secret, very successful and powerful strategies for setting up and managing your bank accounts and money!

Never again will you look at your bank account, do mental calculations and try and work out how much you have available to spend!

These strategies have enabled countless clients to move from feeling scared to look at their bank accounts to having flourishing and growing amounts of money beautifully allocated, managed, growing and working FOR you!




Module Six – Powerful Profits

Do you ever look at your Profit & Loss Statement, see your profit figure and ask yourself ‘where the hell is my profit?’ (If you’ve turned a profit that is!) Congratulations you’re normal, but I want more than normal for you! I am going to show you how to turn the traditional accounting convention on it’s head so you can actually ENJOY the profit you have created!

No profit currently? No problem, let me show you how to be profitable at EVERY income level!



Money Magic



Module SEVEN – The Inner Game of Wealth

There is an art, science and magic to the area of money and in this module we will explore how you can become a powerful master of each. Did you know that a broken bone when healed correctly can become even stronger than before the break?

So if money currently feels like a broken bone, it can become the strongest area of your life. This module will journey with you deep into your subconscious to mastery the inner game of wealth. (truly though, we will be doing this through each day and every module, but I thought we’d create a special container for it also!)



Manifesting magic

Module EIGHT – Manifesting Magic

You know the woman, the one who easily lands money, clients, opportunities, support and fun? Time for you to become THAT woman!

In this module I will be guiding and teaching you the art and science of manifesting and magnetising.

Manifesting all you desire by magnetising it to you!

It is your time to become a money manifesting magnet and leave behind the days of old where ‘hard work’ ‘hustle’ and ‘elbow grease’ were the ways in which money flowed to you! How does flow, ease, joy and grace sound?!


You as the Powerful CFO of Your Business




Module NINE – Numbers You Need to Know

In my accounting business I found women would hand over not only their receipts and reports, but their personal financial power also! I want more than this for you. In this module I will show you exactly what numbers you need to know and how to dissolve the fear you face when it comes to looking at these numbers. You will feel empowered and excited by your numbers and deeply at ease with the support and power these numbers provide!




Module TEN – Pricing is a Process

I am forever hearing such fear, uncertainty and doubt when it comes to pricing products, programs and services. Time to leave all of that behind FOR GOOD!!  There is an art and science to pricing and in this module we will explore both resulting in you feeling confident, clear and filled to the brim with self worth to charge, and receive your worth!




Fall in Love With Sales




Module ELEVEN – Successful Sales Skills

Yes I get it, the thought of selling can make you slump in your chair and groan, no longer will this be you!

What if I told you that selling was serving? Through this module you will learn powerful sales skills that will enable you to lean back and enjoy the sales process!

You will also learn what fears, beliefs and stories are holding you back in this area of your business, and powerfully transform them.

No, I didn’t think it was possible either, but now I LOVE and have such fun with the sales process. I’ll show you how you can love it too!




Module TWELVE – Sales Systems That Sell

This module is all about equipping you with systems, structures and strategies that make the sales process easy, elegant and fun!

These systems can be implemented time and time again by yourself and your team to ensure your sales goals and targets are always reached and exceeded!


Bonus Modules:


Bonus1-FEARLESSLY FACING FEAR-watermelon.png


Fearlessly Facing Fear:

False Evidence Appearing Real

Sure, try telling that to our subconscious!

So often we try and eliminate fear from our life,
or push through it, neither are helpful.

Instead I will show you how you can make friends with,
learn from and dissolve your fear.

Fear stops us from walking in front of cars, and placing our hand on a hot stove.
Fear isn’t the issue, managing it is. Equipped with this module, fear will no longer rule you in life and business

Bonus2-DARING DESIRES-watermelon.png


Daring Desires:

Every desire you have, no matter how faint or obvious, has been assigned to you for a very specific reason. When you tune into this, and allow the magic of it to enter your life, it becomes very easy to bring these desires to life.

This bonus module has been designed to support you in shining a light on your desires, and bringing them forth into your reality.

What you seek is seeking you, time to name it, claim it and receive it.


Bonus3-WRITING YOUR REALITY-watermelon.png


Writing Your Reality Into Your Life

What if I told you you could literally journal your way to wealth, success, abundance, love, joy and anything else you can think of!

Journaling is an incredibly powerful resource that I have used to extreme success in my life and business and supported countless clients to do the same.

Through this bonus module I will be sharing with you my very favourite journaling prompts and rituals to integrate this incredibly powerful tool into your daily life.

Arrows Down-Watermelon.png

I live by the principle of


following my intuition and taking regular, consistent & bold action that transports me daily out of my comfort zone

(how do you think this program was created?!)

Arrows Right-Watermelon.png

If you click away from this page, even with the best of intentions,

sadly it is likely that in 12 months & even 5 years time you will still be in the same place.

Arrows Left-watermelon.png
What got you here won’t get you there.
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A group program & not
private coaching?


I have had the great privilege of being part of a world class group coaching program and it has accelerated my growth and business incredibly


The other huge benefit is sharing the journey with a beautiful group of women who are on the same path of you, facing the same challenges and stresses as you, to come together, support, encourage, inspire each other and to have the opportunity to share your successes, and share in theirs, is a priceless experience that I am SO thrilled to facilitate for my students in the Money Mastery Academy


Do you desire to be part of such a sisterhood? We rise by lifting and being lifted by others. 


time is going to pass-watermelon.png
Got Questions-watermelon.png

Book your 30 minute call with Jessica to explore how
this program can support you to live financially free. 

Dont Just take my word.png

My sessions with Jess are wonderful. She is structured in her approach, but allows whatever needs to happen, the time to happen, in a caring and gentle way. 

Jess provides tangible meaningful guidance that helps put me on the right track. Her advice on steps to take, books the read, plans to put in place, affirmations to say and tasks to do are getting the results I was looking for! Her incredible support is something I can always rely on, and I am very happy with my experience.

Thanks Jess for providing a course EVERY WOMAN needs to do!

Stevie van der Chys




+ What’s included in the program?

You receive 12 highly tailored, valuable and personal modules to support you on your money mastery journey as you transform your relationship to money.

There are weekly group coaching calls, hosted at differing times to be accessible to all, if you are unable to attend live you can submit your question and catch the replay for your personalised support!

There is a private FB community where you can connect with your Academy sisters and receive additional support, motivation, inspiration, techniques and trainings from myself.

VIP track also includes 6 private 1:1 coaching calls with me. Plus bonus modules, resources and other special treats!

+ How is this program different from other programs?

As a qualified accountant and also a money mindset mastery coach you receive world class support across all areas of money mastery, mindset, management and wealth. I’ve got you covered!

You have access to me daily via the FB community, weekly group coaching calls, and as any of my clients will attest, I go above and beyond to ensure you are supported, taken care of and nurtured. This program is my souls work, and I am honoured to support you in this way.

+ How will I access my training materials?

You will have private access to a membership site where all of your materials and call recordings are housed.


+ When will the group coaching calls be held?

Each week the group coaching calls will be hosted at alternating times to facilitate differing timezones and schedules.

+ How long do I receive access for?

You have ‘life’ access to the materials of the course, access to the FB group is for 6 months from the time of your enrolment.

There is also an option to continue in the program beyond this time if you desire.

+ Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, refer to the enrolment section

+ What if I have more questions?

Sure, please feel free to reach out via email and we can explore further.


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